Life is constantly changing. Especially as we grow older.


For most of us in the "50 plus" group, our children are grown and leaving home, and we're beginning to think seriously about our next life steps. That may be retirement, downsizing or maybe fulfilling your dream to live in the mountains or near the sea.  You may even want to stay in your present home that holds a life-time of memories.

I am pleased to tell you that I can help with these difficult decisions as I have been awarded the designation as an SRE® (Senior Real Estate Specialist).




This extensive training covered important topics that you need to know about to make good decisions. I am able to put you in touch with experienced professions who can advise you on things like tax laws, probate and estate planning, Social Security, pensions and IRA's. All of which are complicated issues that can impact any real estate transactions you may be considering.


I want to be sure to mention also, that while I am a real estate broker, the SRE® services go well beyond the listing or sale of your home. In addition to financial issues, I can provide you with people who can help you pack and move, and assist you with the sale or donation of belongings you may not want to take along.


The training I have received is designed to make your decision process as stress free as possible and will become an integral part of your plan for a bright and secure future.


So let's get together soon and see what the future may hold for you!


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